“AAM - The African solution for African airlines”

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Probably the biggest single challenge to African airlines is the cost of acquiring and implementing the sophisticated software and systems that are increasingly required to be efficient and profitable in increasingly competitive markets.

Most GDS, inventory management and revenue accounting packages require very large up-front Implementation Fees, which many airlines are simply unable to afford.

With us an airline can migrate to the latest systems being used by the major airlines around the world in a much more affordable way.

That's because we understand the needs of African airlines and has tailored its charges in a way to reduce up front costs of these systems, to reduce what are normally very high costs of training and to spread other costs onto a per passenger cost basis.

To help in assessing potential revenue improvements we also offers a "Revenue Audit" service whereby we conduct the audit free of charge and is paid only on a percentage of revenue saved.

Systems training is conducted in Johannesburg at much more affordable cost than is usually the case in Europe


"AAM - The African solution for African airlines"


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